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Baseball and Softball Lessons in Nicholasville, KY

baseball player swinging with power — Baseball lesson in Nicholasville, KY
Runner Sliding Home - Baseball lesson in Nicholasville, KY
player making leaping catch at wall — Baseball lesson in Nicholasville, KY
At The Byrd Cage, you can work on all the fundamentals necessary to become a great baseball player by booking some personalized lessons. Lessons we offer include fielding, catcher, pitching, and batting.

Fielding training can help the infielders get to batted balls quicker or help outfielders find the cutoff man and get the ball back before the runner can stretch out a play.

Catcher lessons are important because that position is about more than just catching the ball and throwing it back to the pitcher. The catcher also has to call pitches, get the ball to second on a steal attempt, and learn how to block the plate to prevent a run. We also teach how to catch special pitches like a knuckleball, which takes time and training to master.

Pitching lessons help pitchers of all skill levels gain command of their control, improve their velocity, and even learn new pitches. Training sessions may focus on developing a kickoff move and learning how to keep the ball in the park if it is put into play.

Regardless of the sport you play, you can feel good about being ready for the season when you train at The Byrd Cage.

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